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"Mikiki’s work is difficult and demanding for its audience. It is the kind of performance that challenges visibility, being as much about how your body responds to what you see as what you see, or don’t…

Mikiki has clearly chosen not to give us access to everything, perhaps for the sake of privacy, or intimacy. Regardless, this will be a recurring strategy in the performance. A number of key actions will be sheltered from our gaze, and reserved for the artist. I get it, and don’t mind the loss of meaning it risks. This is clearly not about us. 


While I can’t be sure exactly what is going on, it fascinates me in its gestural minimalism and inaccessibility. It is hypnotizing. Or maybe it is them who is hypnotized. Someone in the audience passes out. It’s evocative to watch but not easy.


Michelle Lacombe
excerpts from Festival Animateur's Blog

7a*11d Festival of Performance Art 2016

I fuck up. I want to fuck up. I mean I don’t want to fuck up, but I am drawn into it. So let’s explore that. NSA is both a theoretical study of fucking up and a somatic process of Authentic Movement that pulls lyrical elements from a deeper, unconscious place into a performance of ritualized instructions. This project is concerned with the complexities of bodily and mental self-ownership, the impacts and residue of sustained duration on self-efficacy, reflecting a disillusionment with the politic of radical social change and finding solace within acts of self-containment and interpersonal and self-reflexive connection in the now.

Performatorium/Queer City Cinema
Regina, SK, CAN 2019

VIVA! Art Action + Galerie Clark
Montréal, PQ, CAN 2019

performed at
7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
Toronto, ON, CAN 2016

Homografía III
Video Performance 3ra Muestra Internacional
ArtSpace CDMX, Ciudad de Mexico, MX;

KustHaus SantaFe, San Miguel de Allende, MX 2017

ST * Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival
Calgary, CAN 2018 

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